Dr. Jay D. Roberts on TBN’s Praise the Lord Talks About Chocolate Chip Cookies and Forgiveness

Dr. Jay Roberts has a ministry of forgiveness. A medical doctor specializing in physical disabilities and pain management, Dr. Roberts has volunteered with a Christian ministry inside maximum security prisons for many years, helping inmates receive — and give — forgiveness.

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show Dr. Roberts explained how he has used chocolate chip cookies to help hard-core inmates experience and give forgiveness.

Dr. Roberts noted that many of the people he deals with in prison are “lifers” who have been incarcerated for decades and will never come out. “I bring in for each of those inmates two large, homemade chocolate chip cookies,” he said. “And I tell them that the cookies are not for them. ‘You are to give one of the cookies to the inmate you have tried to take out or injure, and you need to ask forgiveness of that inmate,’ I tell them. ‘And you give the other cookie to the inmate who has tried to hurt you, who needs your forgiveness.’”

Continued Dr. Roberts: “The absolute truth is that Jesus is in those cookies. They have the power to crumble hardened criminals. This exercise in forgiveness just breaks them down. I have gotten so many stories from my brothers on the inside about how these cookies have really helped them to forgive, and others to forgive them.”

An incredible TBN video on forgiveness — receiving and giving!

Jack Graham on TBN’ Praise the Lord: The Bible — Old Testament and New — Is a Jesus Book

On a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s award-winning Praise the Lord show, hosted by Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch, TBN ministry partner Jack Graham of PowerPoint Ministries talked about the vital importance of knowing the Jesus of the Bible.

“Everything we really know about Jesus is in the Bible,” said Pastor Graham, who leads one of the largest congregations in America, Prestonwood Baptist in the Dallas suburb of Plano. “The Bible is a Jesus book…. In fact, when Jesus was walking along the road to Emmaus with those disciples after the resurrection … it says that He opened the Scriptures to them and showed them in all the Scriptures those things concerning Himself.”

Pastor Graham noted that what Jesus shared would have had to come from the Old Testament, emphasizing that today, “if you’re missing Jesus in the Old Testament, then you’re missing the point of the Bible.”

Beginning in Genesis, “which tells us about the problem, that man fell and needed a Savior,” he said, “and all of those Old Testament sacrifices … God was preparing people for the coming of the Savior, whose blood would cleanse us from every sin.”

Continued Pastor Graham: “… and then the prophets showed up, including Isaiah and Jeremiah, and they began speaking about this One who was coming. One of the greatest evidences for the reality of Jesus, that He is who He claimed to be, is fulfilled prophecy. And Jesus perfectly fulfilled the prophecies concerning the Messiah. So all of these portraits and prophecies pointed to the day when Jesus would burst onto the scene.”

Declared Pastor Graham: “In the Old Testament Jesus was concealed — in the New Testament He is revealed … so if you want people to know Jesus, then show them Jesus in the Bible, verse by verse, passage by passage.”

Matt and Laurie Crouch Recall the Connection of TBN’s Founders to the Assemblies of God

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Assemblies of God, Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch sat down with George Wood, the Assemblies of God’s General Secretary to recall how the pentecostal denomination influenced the founding of TBN.

Watch this fascinating TBN video clip to see how the families of TBN founders Paul Crouch and Jan Crouch were intricately tied to the founding and growth of the Assemblies of God.

Prophecy Expert Perry Stone on TBN’s Praise the Lord: The World Is Experiencing the Birth Pangs of Christ’s Return


Bible prophecy expert Perry Stone recently hosted a special edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show. Perry told the TBN audience that the signs of the times are like “birth pangs” with regards to the soon return of Jesus Christ. “In birth pangs, a mother has three trimesters,” he noted. “In the first trimester you don’t see too may visual signs of pregnancy, but moms, you know that baby is on the way. Then in the second trimester you begin to show a little bit and you get cravings. It’s more obvious that there is a baby coming. And then, the last three months, guess what happens? There’s a basketball in your belly! … Then when you get to the last week, just before the baby comes you have labor pains or birth pains.”

Added Perry, “That’s where we’re at right now in the prophetic time frame of this world. I think we’re in that third trimester, I think we’re in that period where we’re really going to begin feeling the birth pains of Christ’s return.”

Watch this fascinating TBN video from prophecy expert Perry Stone, and then Click Here to see Perry’s entire prophetic segment. It begins at 1 hour, 28 minutes.

TBN Host Dwight Thompson: The Same Power That Was in Jesus Is in You!

Pastor Dwight Thomson, the longtime host of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, challenged the TBN audience that the power that enabled Jesus to heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform miracles, is the same power available to each and every child of God.

“Jesus says in John 14:11, ‘Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe for the very work’ sake,’” said Brother Dwight. “In the next verse Jesus says, ‘Truly, truly I say unto you, he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works that these shall he do, because I go unto My Father.’”

Pastor Dwight advised the TBN audience that “if you’re waiting to get a hold of Oral Roberts, he’s in heaven. He’s not coming back to pray for you. The same with Brother Kenneth Hagen. He’s gone. He can’t pray for you.”

But, he added, “I have good news for you, and it’s this: Jesus Christ is here right now … and the words that He spoke with power and anointing, when you speak the same words, in faith believing, the same power that manifested when He spoke them — that made the blind see and the lame to walk — is the same power that’s in you right now.”

That simple truth means that you have the power and authority, as a child of God, to receive the answer you need, as well as to minister God’s healing, saving, delivering power to others in need.

Watch this powerful TBN video and let your faith arise!