Bobby Schuller on TBN: Whether You’re Afflicted or You Think You Have It All Together, Jesus Wants to Touch You With His Life-Giving Power

Bobby Schuller , grandson of longtime ministry partner Dr. Robert Schuller , was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, where he talked about how God reaches out to each of us, whether we are afflicted and needy or self-satisfied and comfortable.

Quoting author Dorothy Day, Bobby, who ministers with “Hour of Power,” pointed out that Jesus came to “comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”

Which do you represent? Watch this fascinating TBN video clip, and ask God to make you into one whom He can use to comfort those in need.

Hear What This Man of God Has to Say About the Need for Change in Ministry Focus!

Bryn Waddell has a burden to see ministry in churches and elsewhere move back to the basics — reaching out to people in need. “Right here in America ministry has got to turn around and back to being about people,” Bryn said on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” music and ministry program. “It’s about hurting people, it’s about souls, it’s about people coming to meet Jesus in a raw, authentic way!”

This short video will challenge you to focus on people and their need for Jesus.

Here’s How to Recognize God’s Favor in Your Life — Thank Him for It!

Becoming sensitive to God’s favor in your life will make you grateful for the blessings He turns your way everyday. Watch this quick little TBN video as Pastor Dave Martin shares some easy tips for recognizing God’s blessing delivered to you in the most mundane and simple of circumstances.

Donnie McClurkin on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: Grace Is the Supernatural Ability to Do What You Can’t Do in the Natural

“Grace is not just the unmerited favor of God,” Donnie McClurkin told an audience recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show. “Grace is the supernatural ability God give you, through Jesus, to do what you could never do in the natural.”

Here is a nugget of truth from God’s Word delivered by one of TBN’s most popular ministry partners. You’ll want to watch this video clip several times until its truth becomes a revelation to you!

Rick Santorum on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: Churches and Christians Must Stand up for Godly Values in Society

Rick Santorum is on a mission. Over the past year or so the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate has traveled across the nation, visiting with Americans from a broad range of Christian and faith perspectives, emphasizing the importance of churches and believers to stand up for godly principles in society.

Despite the assault America has faced on the cultural front over the past couple of decades, “this nation is still the most faith-filled,” Mr. Santorum told Matthew and Laurie Crouch on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Inside the Trinity Family of Networks. “We still have the highest church attendance…. And as I travel around the country I see a passion and a desire to re-awaken America.”

He added that as he has taken a break from politics and service, “one thing I have been doing is spending time in the churches, trying to get the churches to understand their rightful role in American civilization.”

That role, he told the TBN audience, “is not just to provide a virtuous citizenry, but to fight for values in the public square, and not to be timid.”

Watch this TBN video clip and witness the deep passion and love one American leader has for his country.