Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: If We Don’t Teach Our Children Discipline, Someone Else Will

Parents, how can you make sure your children grow up to love God, honor you as a parent, and respect authority? Watch this captivating clip from Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show as Erica Campbell of Mary Mary recounts to TBN host Carman how her parents raised her and her siblings.


TBN Gearing up for “Grace ’16” Tour to Israel With Joseph Prince, Matthew and Laurie Crouch

Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s premier Christian broadcaster, has announced preparations for its 2016 tour to the Holy Land, called “Grace ’16,” with popular TBN ministry partner Joseph Prince and TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch.

“Over the past forty-two years TBN has hosted scores of tours to the Holy Land, and thousands of our friends and partners have accompanied us and been super-blessed,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “But we are anticipating that TBN’s “G16” tour, scheduled for 2016, will be perhaps the most blessed and life-changing 10-day tour we’ve ever had to Jerusalem, Israel, and the Holy Land.”

In fact, to make the event even more special, every week throughout 2015, TBN will give away a trip for two on this historic Holy Land tour. That’s right! Every week, TBN will give two people the opportunity to go on this trip of a lifetime, experiencing the land of the Bible, and hearing some of the best teaching on grace from Joseph Prince.

Watch this great informational video, and CLICK HERE for more information on TBN’s G16 Holy Land tour.

Smokie Norful and Kim Fields on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: Pass the Mantle of God’s Purpose and Destiny on to Your Children

Grammy Award-winning recording artist Smokie Norful hosted TBN’s “Praise the Lord” program, welcoming actress and singer Kim Fields to talk about how parents can pass the mantle of God’s purpose and anointing on to their children.

Smokie noted that although King David was an anointed musician and worship leader, as well as king of Israel, when it came to building the temple, God told David that He had chosen his son Solomon over him.

“He was God’s man, anointed at a young age,” Smokie said of David. “But he had also been in a lot of battles and he had blood on his hands. And God told him, ‘It is not for you to build My temple. It is for your son Solomon.’”

Smokie noted that while David could have gotten offended at being bypassed for this task — which he had planned for many years to guide — instead he blessed and helped prepare his son for the task. “David had already prepared everything his son needed to accomplish the building of the temple, and so he was able to shift the focus to the task Solomon would take upon his shoulders,” he said.

Kim added that David was also not jealous of his son. “He certainly could have taken an offense, knowing that he had made so many preparations,” she said. “Instead, he blessed Solomon and passed the mantle of his anointing on to him.”

That is the same thing parents today have the opportunity to do in the lives of their own children. Watch this powerful video as Smokie Norful and Kim Fields talk about the importance of helping our children follow us in walking out God’s kingdom purpose.

Jefferson Bethke Challenges His Millennial Generation on the Meaning of Marriage

Twenty-five-year-old Jefferson Bethke is a young man who is passionate about the grace of God and clear voice calling his fellow millennials to embrace a lifestyle of holiness and love for Jesus.

Recently on a Trinity Broadcasting Network “Praise the Lord” show devoted to the issue of marriage, Jefferson, who has only been married for two year to wife Alyssa, offered a challenge to other young people to take a godly and realistic view of marriage in their own lives.

“I some things have to get straightened out with my generation when it comes to marriage,” he said. “The first is to get rid of the idea that there is ‘the one’ out there who is your perfect mate for marriage…. I think that concept has a little bit of idolatry in it, a little bit of worship going on there that is not Jesus centered.”

Jefferson added that in addition “I always like to tell peers I talk to that it’s not about finding ‘the One,’ but making sure you’re the one — preparing yourself to be the one. That means getting your identity straight in Jesus, and then you really will be prepared to be powerful in marriage.”

Watch this incredibly insightful TBN video in its entirety. This young man’s wisdom and perspective will blow you away!

Are Your Beliefs Limiting God’s Move in Your Life?

Leon Fontaine talked miracles recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, encouraging TBN viewers to move past beliefs that limit the move of God in their lives.

“I want to prepare you for a miracle,” said Leon, “because it’s so easy. Religion makes it hard. If you don’t understand what happened at the cross, you begin to try to qualify yourself for a miracle. And I think we’ve got a lot of Christians today who are in that place, because they have never learned to speak the language of the heart.”

Stay with this powerful video from one of TBN’s most popular “Praise the Lord” hosts, as he walks through the simple truths that will help you position yourself for a truly miraculous move of God in your life.