Lee Strobel Shares His Powerful Testimony on TBN’s Praise the Lord

Over the past twenty-plus years Lee Strobel has gained a reputation as one of the Church’s most thorough and engaging Christian apologists. Such books by Strobel as “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith” have been responsible for helping lead countless individuals to faith in Chris.

But on a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, Lee related that he himself was once an atheist, and it took an encounter with the truth of God’s Word to change his heart.

Watch this incredible testimony, with TBN’s Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch, as Lee relates how his wife’s salvation — and her transformed lifestyle — helped him to begin seeking out the truth about Jesus.

Matthew Crouch and the Martins Talk About TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Network Vice President Matthew Crouch spoke with the Gospel group the Martins about the influence of TBN. Watch this special TBN video clip to see what others are saying about the impact and importance of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Mr. T on TBN’s Praise the Lord: We’re All Sinners Coming to Christ for Salvation

For many years Mr. T has built a career as a “tough guy” in movies like “Rocky III” and prime time television shows like “The A Team.”

But recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, Mr. T made it clear that despite of his success — and the money and fame that have come with it — he is, at heart, a sinner saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Speaking to TBN hosts Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch, Mr. T recalled that his minister father and godly mother made sure that he and his eleven siblings were raised to know God. “I was baptized when I was four years old,” he said, “and I am a Christian who just happens to be an actor. I came to Hollywood as a Christian, and my views haven’t changed.”

Continued Mr. T: “I was born and raised in the ghetto, but the ghetto was not born and raised in me. I come from good stock, and I was taught that good fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

What happens when parents raise their children to love God and to know right from wrong? This video — and the entire TBN interview with Mr. T (beginning at 13 minutes into the program) will show you!

Pastor Scott Crenshaw on TBN’s Praise the Lord: “The Church Is Not a Museum of Perfect People!”

Pastor Scott Crenshaw said on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program that if you’re looking for perfection in the Church, you’re going to be greatly disappointed. “We’ve all been hurt in the Church,” he told the TBN audience. “If you haven’t been hurt by someone at church then you haven’t been going to church long enough.”

He went on to say that the Church of Jesus Christ is not made up of angels, but of “hurt, wounded individuals. It’s not a museum of perfect people. It’s a hospital for those who need healing and wholeness body, soul, and spirit.”

Challenged Pastor Scott: “The Church may have been the one to put scars in your life. But don’t miss God because of God’s people.”

Added TBN host Dwight Thompson: “Don’t look at people. Keep looking to Him!”

Dr. Jay D. Roberts on TBN’s Praise the Lord Talks About Chocolate Chip Cookies and Forgiveness

Dr. Jay Roberts has a ministry of forgiveness. A medical doctor specializing in physical disabilities and pain management, Dr. Roberts has volunteered with a Christian ministry inside maximum security prisons for many years, helping inmates receive — and give — forgiveness.

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show Dr. Roberts explained how he has used chocolate chip cookies to help hard-core inmates experience and give forgiveness.

Dr. Roberts noted that many of the people he deals with in prison are “lifers” who have been incarcerated for decades and will never come out. “I bring in for each of those inmates two large, homemade chocolate chip cookies,” he said. “And I tell them that the cookies are not for them. ‘You are to give one of the cookies to the inmate you have tried to take out or injure, and you need to ask forgiveness of that inmate,’ I tell them. ‘And you give the other cookie to the inmate who has tried to hurt you, who needs your forgiveness.’”

Continued Dr. Roberts: “The absolute truth is that Jesus is in those cookies. They have the power to crumble hardened criminals. This exercise in forgiveness just breaks them down. I have gotten so many stories from my brothers on the inside about how these cookies have really helped them to forgive, and others to forgive them.”

An incredible TBN video on forgiveness — receiving and giving!