Are You Living “Under a Bridge” in Your Walk With God?

Pastor, educator, and compassionate activist D.Z. Cofield is asking some tough questions about why so many Christians, who have been redeemed by Christ and set on a course for success and destiny, settle for second best or worse in their daily lives.

Here’s a short but powerful TBN video short that may just change the course of your life!

John Paul Jackson on TBN: Here’s How the Supernatural Really Works!

The late John Paul Jackson, who was respected globally for his powerful prophetic anointing, was a guest in 2011 on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, where he spoke about the reality of the supernatural — and why God’s people must understand how the powers of darkness can impact our friends, families, and communities.

John Paul recalled how each year he and a team of evangelists would go to an event in Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween that drew as many as 400,000 individuals who practiced witchcraft, ministering God’s mercy and kindness to these lost people.

Watch as John Paul Jackson relates one particularly heart-rending encounter he had with a young man called of God — but who turned to darkness because of a Christian leader’s foolish words. You will never forget this story!

Bobby Schuller on TBN: Whether You’re Afflicted or You Think You Have It All Together, Jesus Wants to Touch You With His Life-Giving Power

Bobby Schuller , grandson of longtime ministry partner Dr. Robert Schuller , was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, where he talked about how God reaches out to each of us, whether we are afflicted and needy or self-satisfied and comfortable.

Quoting author Dorothy Day, Bobby, who ministers with “Hour of Power,” pointed out that Jesus came to “comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”

Which do you represent? Watch this fascinating TBN video clip, and ask God to make you into one whom He can use to comfort those in need.

Hear What This Man of God Has to Say About the Need for Change in Ministry Focus!

Bryn Waddell has a burden to see ministry in churches and elsewhere move back to the basics — reaching out to people in need. “Right here in America ministry has got to turn around and back to being about people,” Bryn said on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” music and ministry program. “It’s about hurting people, it’s about souls, it’s about people coming to meet Jesus in a raw, authentic way!”

This short video will challenge you to focus on people and their need for Jesus.

Here’s How to Recognize God’s Favor in Your Life — Thank Him for It!

Becoming sensitive to God’s favor in your life will make you grateful for the blessings He turns your way everyday. Watch this quick little TBN video as Pastor Dave Martin shares some easy tips for recognizing God’s blessing delivered to you in the most mundane and simple of circumstances.