Jefferson Bethke Challenges His Millennial Generation on the Meaning of Marriage

Twenty-five-year-old Jefferson Bethke is a young man who is passionate about the grace of God and clear voice calling his fellow millennials to embrace a lifestyle of holiness and love for Jesus.

Recently on a Trinity Broadcasting Network “Praise the Lord” show devoted to the issue of marriage, Jefferson, who has only been married for two year to wife Alyssa, offered a challenge to other young people to take a godly and realistic view of marriage in their own lives.

“I some things have to get straightened out with my generation when it comes to marriage,” he said. “The first is to get rid of the idea that there is ‘the one’ out there who is your perfect mate for marriage…. I think that concept has a little bit of idolatry in it, a little bit of worship going on there that is not Jesus centered.”

Jefferson added that in addition “I always like to tell peers I talk to that it’s not about finding ‘the One,’ but making sure you’re the one — preparing yourself to be the one. That means getting your identity straight in Jesus, and then you really will be prepared to be powerful in marriage.”

Watch this incredibly insightful TBN video in its entirety. This young man’s wisdom and perspective will blow you away!

Are Your Beliefs Limiting God’s Move in Your Life?

Leon Fontaine talked miracles recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, encouraging TBN viewers to move past beliefs that limit the move of God in their lives.

“I want to prepare you for a miracle,” said Leon, “because it’s so easy. Religion makes it hard. If you don’t understand what happened at the cross, you begin to try to qualify yourself for a miracle. And I think we’ve got a lot of Christians today who are in that place, because they have never learned to speak the language of the heart.”

Stay with this powerful video from one of TBN’s most popular “Praise the Lord” hosts, as he walks through the simple truths that will help you position yourself for a truly miraculous move of God in your life.

Good News Is Coming to Poland – See It First Here!

Over twenty years removed from the oppressive rule of communism, Poland still suffers under a cloud of spiritual lethargy and confusion. While many Poles have embraced Catholicism, only one percent understand that faith in Christ alone can save them. But with the upcoming launch of TBN Poland that dynamic is primed for dramatic change.

“I think this is a broken nation,” said one Polish Christian leader. “A lot of people are very religious, but they are still looking for a real God. A Lot of people in Poland think that the Bible is a kind of false story — there is not exactly a real God in it. And I think it is very important in Poland to show them that the Bible, the Word of God, is real, that it is true, and that it is something that can be useful in their life.”

Watch this dynamic TBN video as Matthew Crouch talks to Christian leaders in Poland who are praying and believing for a dynamic move of God in this almost exclusively Catholic nation. And see how God is using TBN to bring hope, healing, and restoration to this land.

Do You Want God to Move? Choose to Step out in Faith!

What does it take to walk in God’s favor and the miraculous flow of His Spirit? Most times it takes stepping out into uncertainty, holding only onto God’s promise of supply and guidance, and watching as God does the impossible on our behalf.

St. Louis Pastor David Crank told Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” audience that in the process God will definitely test you and place obstacles in your path to press you into an ever deeper walk of faith.

“Somebody called us one time and said, ‘Hey, there’s the biggest bar in the state of Missouri, 150,000 square feet, and it’s for sale for $21 million. Would you like to buy it?’ And I said, ‘I’d love to but we don’t have $21 million.’”

Pastor David went on to explain how God put him and his congregation through a series of testings to build their faith to a level where purchasing that very building was within their level of faith.

“Long story short,” said David, “God gave us that building, and He paid it off, thousands of people got saved, and then he gave us a bigger building, and then a bigger one yet….”

While David recalled that he didn’t think he was qualified for such miraculous favor and advance, but God did.

Did you know that you can walk in the same faith, and witness God’s mighty move in your life and circumstances?

Watch this incredible, faith-building video!

Pastor Chris Durso on TBN’s Praise the Lord: Testimonies of Other People’s Miracles Will Increase Your Faith For God’s Miracle Power in Your Life

Chris Durso is pastor at Misfit NYC, the youth ministry of Christ Tabernacle in Queens, NY. Recently Chris was a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s popular Praise the Lord ministry and talk show, where he related an amazing story about the healing of his son from a rare and deadly blood disease. And in telling his son’s story Chris emphasized that hearing the testimony of others — of healings, financial turnarounds, and other miracles — will spur our own faith to believe God.

“A few years ago my son Dylan got deathly sick,” Chris recalled. “He had these bruises all over his face and body, and we had no idea where they came from. We rushed him to the hospital to find out that he had a rare blood disease called ITP.”

Noting that a healthy person’s blood platelets are at 250,000 to 350,000, he said that Dylan’s were at 18,000, and over the course of the next two days they fell dramatically to just 3,000.

Doctors warned Chris and his wife that their son could have leukemia, and discussed a possible spinal tap and even removing their son’s spleen.

At that moment, said Chris, his church was praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over his son. “I got a call from a friend who put me on the phone with another pastor, who told me, ‘Chris, I want you to know that just a few months ago I was with a pastor dealing with the same situation, and when I prayed over his son, his son was healed the very next day. And I am praying and declaring that your son will be healed by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.’”

Chris recalled that after the prayer he and his wife went to the hospital, where they stayed all night by their son’s side. “And we were awakened the next morning by the doctor screaming, ‘He’s healed! He’s healed!’”

He went on to recall that “our son’s platelets improved dramatically overnight, and it absolutely did not make sense. They even said, ‘It was whatever you did, because our medicine did not work.’”

Later Chris connected with the pastor who had prayed with him over the phone. “And when I thanked him for praying, I asked him why he had shared the story of the other boy who had been healed. And he told me, ‘Chris, we have to understand that the blessing of God resides on the ark of the testimony. In other words, because you heard that someone else got healed, it spurred your faith to believe for your son’s healing. So if God did it before you now believe that God can do it again.’”

Explained Chris: “So when you hear someone else’s testimony, that’s not just somebody’s celebration. That is the thing that is about to release your miracle.”

Watch this energizing and deeply inspirational video as Pastor Chris Durso explains how the testimonies of other people’s miracles are meant to be catalysts to increase your faith for God’s powerful move in your own need.